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Term 2

In our numeracy sessions this term we will be learning all about 2D shapes, calculating and using money and length and size.


2D Shapes


We have enjoyed lots of different activities, that have explored and helped us to develop our knowledge and skills of 2D shapes. We have been using the tap-tap to make 2D shape pictures, done some 2D shape paint printing, sorted 2D shapes and everyday objects according to type and we have also enjoyed using play dough and cutters to make 2D shapes.


Calculating including money.


We had lots of fun learning about money and particularly enjoyed our role-play café area where we took turns to take on roles of different characters, exchanging money for goods and serving customers. We listened to 5 currant buns in a bakers shop and enjoyed finding coins in the sand and sorting them.

In a second session on money, we really enjoyed visiting the class fruit and vegetable stall, we explored exchanging money and taking on different roles of different people and the most fun was filling our baskets!


Length and height.


Our third topic in numeracy this term is all about length and height, we really enjoyed investigating who was the shortest and tallest within the class by measuring our selves with string. We have been drawing around our bodies, ordering different lengths and sizes and measuring using non-standard units.