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Term 1


Diving into Learning!


The first 2 weeks of this term have been very busy with us all getting to know each other and our new classmates!  We have had lots of fun diving into learning with 'The Mighty Splash' story.  Following Gus the Octopus' adventures into the deep, dark sea to find his superhero, we thought about the things that we are scared of and who the superheroes that rescue us are.  We then had lots of fun turning ourselves into superheroes and wrote stories about our adventures.  Eagles' class are also very creative and as we used our talents to make lots of different sea creatures, our classroom slowly transformed into a deep sea aquarium!  We even made some seaweed sandwiches - we hope you all enjoyed tasting them!


Power to the People!


Our first theme saw us learning all about democracy and making our own choices.  We were all very interested in learning about the voting system and decided that we should have a say on something that happens in Eagles' class.  As a result, we decided to set up our own weekly polling station to vote for our Eagle of the Week.  Look out for when we bring home our special scrolls telling you all the things we have done once we have been voted in!  We also decided on our own set of class rules and each signed them to say we would try our hardest to follow them.  


Old Fossil!


This theme saw us take a journey back through time to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  We learnt about archaeologists and paleontologists and how different types of fossils are formed.  We were all very interested to discover that even poo can become a fossil!  As a result, when we made our own fossils out of foil and mod-roc, our classroom quickly became scattered with fossilised poo!  We also had lots of fun making our own dinosaur eggs, incubating them and then hatching them out.  Once our baby dinosaurs had hatched, they needed a land to roam and so we all worked together to create our very own dinosaur land that we can explore and use to act out our own dinosaur stories.