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Term 1

This year in literacy, we will have a specialised fine motor skills session each week, this will support the children's development of composing sentences using symbols and practical fine motor skills such as cutting, threading, fastenings and pencil control. 

This term in literacy we will be studying action songs, explanations and stories by the same author. 


We've explored chants about cake and jelly in literacy due to our Mr Men theme, we even tasted some jelly and described it!


We wrote instructions explaining how to make a pizza, then followed those instruction to make our own pizza! Then we set up our own Italian Pizzeria and took it in turns to be the customers, waiting staff and the chefs! 


We also read a book called 'pumpkin soup' and thought of describing words about pumpkins. We all really liked the story, and we got to have a go making our own pumpkin soup too!

Pumpkin Soup

Exploring 'Mr Jelly'