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To start off this term the jellyfish looked at time, we looked at the months of the year, how many days in a month, how many months in a year and ordering them. We then moved on to days of the week, how many days are in a week and the order of the days of the week. Then we looked at telling the time, which hand tells us the minutes and which had tells us the hours, where the hands are for o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too.



Next for the jellyfish is money! We've been looking at the different coins and identifying them, what we use money for and the different types of money. Also we have looked at how we can make an amount in different ways, how many different ways can you make 10p? 


Volume and capacity

The jellyfish boys have been using water to explore volume and capacity during our numeracy sessions, we've been looking at full, empty, half full, nearly empty, nearly full and overflowing! We all got a bit wet but enjoyed using the practical water work along side our written work.