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This term we started off numeracy learning all about weight, we sorted objects into heavy and light groups, compared different objects to see which one was heavier than or lighter than and ordered objects into heaviest to lightest. We also tried to estimate the weight of different objects and guess if each item was heavier or lighter than 500g. We used our new weighing skills to weigh the ingredients we needed to make our own fairy cakes!


2D Shapes

Jellyfish love shapes! This term we have been looking at 2D shapes we used the tap-a-shape to create pictures using lots of different 2D shapes. We looks for all the different shapes we could find in different pictures, learned to identify the sides and points of each shape and drew our own shapes and named them. We used 2D shapes in different patters and orientations, looked for different shapes around the room and had a look to see what different 2D shapes we can see on different 3D shapes.



We looked at symmetry this term too, including drawing one half of our face copying a picture of the other half! We've made symmetrical shapes and patterns too which was trickier than we expected!