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Nightingales have been doing lots of work on money and colour mixing the last two weeks! We have also been looking at repeating patterns.

In nightingales class we are doing magic maths sessions where we count while doing movements. As part of our sessions today we had 30 seconds to do as much of each activity as we could whilst our classmates counted for us. The tasks were:

  1. go through a tunnel

  2. hula hoop

  3. jump in and out of a hoop

  4. throw bean bags into a box

  5. bounce a ball



It was lots of fun!smiley

As part of our integrated maths session with Robins we like to mix up different fun maths activities for all the children to enjoy. This week we had a contest to see who could flip the most pancakes, we had a jumbled washing line to be sorted into number order, building and measuring towers and number bingo as some of or challenges. Rhys was our pancake flipping champion!

This term we have been looking at length, height and measurements. We have had fun looking at each others heights working out who is the tallest and who is the shortest. We had fun building different towers and seeing how high we could make them and as part of our theme we used a ramp of different textures to see how far our cars would travel on different textures. Some children have also been looking at the way in which we measure different objects such as cm, mm and m.