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Come and share some of the fun the Middles Classes are having whilst we're learning. If you look below you can see our theme plan for the year which includes the areas of literacy, maths and ICT we will be covering.


Hope you all enjoyed - "The Greatest show on Earth" 




The Bear's Olympics 2018

Middles C

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5


Unit 1








The Mr Men & Little Misses*

(Knowing yourself)

(Reflecting on learning)


PSHE- emotions , personal characteristics and goal setting ?

Art: working in different media

FA2.1, MA4.2, MA5.1, MA6.1, MB3.1, MB6.2, UA5.2, UB3.2, UB6.1

FA4.1, MB4.1, UA6.1, UB6.1

.I’ve got a friend in you Rainbow Fish*

(working with others)



Art: Using different materials

PSHE: Friendship. stranger danger

Castle on the Hill *


(working with others)


Hist- pre roman britain

DT - structures

FA2.1, MA4.2, MA5.1, MA6.1, MB1.1, MB6.2, UA5.2, UB3.2, UB6.1

FB1.2, MA3.1, MB3.2, MB5.2,


FB2.1, MB6.1, UA5.2, UB3.2

The Enchanted forest *

(Reflecting on learning)


Sc- name wide variety of plants (inc deciduous & evergreen

Sc_ habitats

Sc- food chains

FA4.1 MB1.1, UA6.1, UB6.1

FA6.1, MA1.1, MA3.1, MB2.1, MB2.2, MB5.1, MB6.2

UA3.1, UB1.2, UB5.2, UB6.1

FB5.1, MA6.1, MB6.2, UA1.2

Sensational safari!*

(Working with others)



Geog- (cf uk and non-european country)

Music from around the world



FA6.1, MA1.1, MA3.1, MB2.2, MB4.1, MB5.1, MB6.2

UA3.1, UB1.2, UB5.2, UB6.1

FA2.2, MA6.2, UB3.1

FB2.2, MA2.1, MA6.2, MB1

Colour Feast*

(reflecting on learning)




DT_ eat more fruit

Sc- Health and growth



RE: Wesak (Buddism)

Unit 2








Pizza Party*

(food journeys)

(Working with others)


DT1/2.1a use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes


DT1/2.1b understand where food comes from.

Geog: Ge1/1.2a compare UK and other Non-European

Ge1/1.4a : use globes. maps to identify


FB2.2, MA2.1, MA6.2, MB2.1


+RE Harvest


(Problem solving and Independent enquiry)


Sc- Sc1/4.1a observe changes across the 4 seasons

(tree study or similar)

Sc1/4.1b observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.

geog: seasonal weather patterns

Art : different artists

FA6.1, MA1.1, MA3.1, MB2.1, MB4.1, MB5.1, MB6.2, UA3.1, UB1.2, UB5.2, UB6.1

+RE Christmas

Splish splash I was having a bath * (personal hygiene)

(Reflecting on learning)


PSHE: Personal hygiene

science: keeping healthy- germs

FB1.2, MA3.1, MB3.1, MB5.2, UB4.2






+RE / citizenship- British Value

Chocy wocky doo dah* (Problem solving)


DT- design

chocolate and packaging

ICT- Using images




FB4.1, MA6.2, MB5.1, UA6.2, UB6.1

ART: dyeing, joining, weaving






+RE Celebration, Easter

FA6.1, MA1.1, MAholes3.1,

Holes/ sticky/ scienc at 1





+RE Noah’s Ark

Seaside fun*

(physical geography and lang)

(Problem solving)


Geog- key features human/ physical geog

Art- fabrication ot history- seaside holidays now and then

FA2.2, MB2.1, UB3.1

FB2.2, MA2.1, MB1.2, MB2.1

FB4.1, MB4.2, MB5.1

UA6.2, UB6.1