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During our literacy lessons we have been looking at explanations! We have been trying to give explanations to some simple questions such as 'How do you turn a laptop on?'. We needed to include words such as because, as, if and so. Our class experiment was fun! we put an orange in a bowl of water to see if it would float and then again peeled to see if it would float. The results were very interesting and we worked independently to explain what we did, what happened and why it happened.



The jellyfish boys have been creating our own diary entries, choosing a day from the holidays and writing about all the fun things we did, trying to remember to include the 5 W's, who, what, where, why and when, thats a lot of information to include! We also wrote a food diary for a week, the jellyfish boys eat lots of yummy foods!


Shape poetry

The jellyfish boys have done some amazing shape poetry. As a class we came up with lots of adjectives that describe a jellyfish then we made a descriptive poem in the shape of a jellyfish! We then chose our own animals and created our own shape poems for animals such as dogs, cats, lions and whales.