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Home Sweet Home

Our first theme in Term 3 is called Home Sweet Home, the subject focuses for this theme are history, DT and PSHE.


In our first session on this theme, we thought about all of the equipment that we use for specific jobs such as hoovering, washing clothes, keeping warm in bed and typing words. We then thought and learnt about the different equipment that they used a long time ago. Following this session, we then had a go at washing some dirty clothes by hand using an old washboard, soap and washing dolly. We enjoyed beating the carpets with carpet beaters, polishing boots with shoe polish, using a typewriter and an iron. Then we thought about which one of the comparing pieces of equipment was the easiest, hardest and which we thought was the best, we all generally liked the hoover!


In following sessions to this theme, we enjoyed learning all about old fashioned toys, we had a go at exploring some of these and thought about which we liked best compared to those of today.  We watched some comparative cartoons from a long time ago and the present day, we all particularly liked Noddy!