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Summer term: Term 6

The Falcons have been extremely busy, learning all about Japan. They have sampled traditional type Japanese foods, explored the elements of a Japanese school day and discovered the importance of deer in the Buddhist faith. The class have listened to traditional Japanese music and painted Japanese Koi carp and Cherry blossom trees. They have also written short narrative texts abut the Japanese way of life.

Picture 1
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We have also been exploring our school grounds in our outdoor learning activities. The class were given a list of items to locate and collect as part of a numeracy data handling project. All the items then had to be sorted, counted and organised into classification groups.

                                   Term 5

The class have been learning all about ‘The Solar System’ in our science lessons. As there are 8 Falcons, and there are 8 planets out there in the night sky, everyone learnt facts about a specific planet and then shared what they had learnt with each other. We created a wall display and 3D fact cards.

We also explored light and shadow. We know that shadows are caused when we (ourselves) or a solid object block the path of the sun when its rays are travelling to the ground.

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                                       Term 4 (2nd Part)   

                         Outdoor Learning Opportunities


The Falcons have taken full advantage of the sunshine this week and we have taken some our learning opportunities outside and onto the playing field.

We have been using watercolour paints to practice our skills of observational painting. Everyone enjoyed the Spring sunshine on Monday afternoon and created individual pieces of Art. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3
Outdoor Learning 4
Outdoor Learning 5
Outdoor Learning 6

                          Musical Memories (Term 4)

We are very busy learning and practising our theatrical dance moves in preparation for our Kingsley School Production. The  class have been rehearsing and getting our costume wardrobes together. We will be creating long lasting musical memories for ourselves and our families. There may be some last minute changes to the costumes, but we would like to give you a sneak preview.

The Falcons Class Performers

The Falcons Class Performers 1

Castles and Dragons

The class have been exploring a range of historical stories linked to castles and dragons. We have learnt all about mythical dragons and real life dragons such as the lizard like "komodo" dragon that really exists!


We got really messy with modelling roc, whilst creating our own fire-breathing dragons that we had read about in our stories.


We even took a trip to Rockingham castle.  



Eagles and Falcons at Rockingham castle

Term 3 (January 2019)

The Vikings

The class have learnt all about the 'Raiders from the North,' by listening to and watching animated stories, sampling Viking type foods, weaving, carving Runic words and numbers on clay slabs and re-enacting a viking parade fully kitted out with handmade shields and helmets.





We have challenged ourselves to be as independent as possible and used our creative talent to the full!











Let us show you how hard we have worked to replicate the past.

                                 Term 2 (December 2018)

We have been exploring repeating patterns in pictures, shapes and numbers. To link this to our seasonal theme of Winter Wonderland, everyone created their own pattern repeats using Art stampers, sponges and stencils. Designs could be used for festive wrapping paper.

"Designers" and "Printers" hard at work!

Term 2 (November 2018)

We have been learning all about where our " rubbish" goes when it is collected by the refuse lorries. The class have learnt how to sort different types of household rubbish so that they can reduce the amount that ends up in landfill sites and consider :




Well done Falcons!

Remember that by reducing, reusing and recycling our rubbish, we can take an active part in looking after our planet Earth.

Sorting the rubbish! Is it to go to Landfill or can we recycle it?

Sorting the rubbish! Is it to go to Landfill or can we recycle it? 1
Sorting the rubbish! Is it to go to Landfill or can we recycle it? 2
Sorting the rubbish! Is it to go to Landfill or can we recycle it? 3
Sorting the rubbish! Is it to go to Landfill or can we recycle it? 4

End of Term 1 ( October 2018)

As we near the end of another school term, the class are preparing for Halloween festivities. We have been carving faces into Pumpkins. It was a messy job but everyone had lots of fun.

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Picture 3
Picture 4

Autumn Term 2018

We have had a busy start to our new academic school year in the Falcons Class. To welcome our new pupils to Kingsley, and those moving up from Middles to Uppers, we have been doing lots of group activities to help them to settle in and get to know us all.

“Talk and draw” sharing one huge piece of paper has been a huge success. Everyone chats to each other and doodles or draws their favourite things.

Picture 1

Weekly swimming sessions are very popular with the students and have become a firm favourite in the popularity stakes.

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Picture 5