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Choo Choo!


We went on a train journey from Wellingborough to Kettering!

Wash & Go!


Our last theme of the year has been all about different ways we use water. We learnt about going to the hairdressers and made the dolls look very pretty! We also washed some dirty clothes using historic washing equipment.

Flying Saucers!


Dolphins class took a trip to space this term in a rocket! We landed on the moon and found lots of different planets! 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!

Apples & Pears


We have been learning all about different fruits and vegetables! We found out where they come from, planned and made our own fruit salad and took part in a real life role play activity where we stacked shelves and followed a shopping list! Our favourite fruit was the coconut!

Born Survivor!


During our theme "born survivor", we went on a camping trip to experience what camping life is like. We sang songs around the camp fire, ate beans on toast and slept in the tent!

The Easter Bunny has been!


We went on an Easter egg hunt around the playground to find eggs that the Easter bunny had left for us! We were so excited when we found lots of chocolate eggs!

Mini Meadows Farm!


As part of our theme "It's springtime", we went to mini meadows farm in Welford to look at all of the animals. We saw lots of different animals including llama's, pigs, cows, chickens, donkeys, sheep and goats. We got to feed all of the animals and even fed the baby lambs with bottles of milk!

The Flower Pot Men


As part of our new theme "It's springtime", we planted our own broad beans in flower pots. We followed visual instructions to put in the soil and seeds and then watered them.

Dolphins the firemen!


We put out pretend fires with our water sprays around the dolphins class. We definitely look the part!

Fireman Sam!


We had another special visit this week as part of our 999 theme from a local fire engine and its crew! We got to spray the hose, sit in the van and try on the heavy hat!

World book day!


We had two very special guests join the dolphins class on world book day. Snow white and Darth Vader joined in our world book day where we looked at the book "Room on the broom".

Policeman Plod!


We had a very special visitor in dolphins class as part of our 999 theme. PCSO Baz told us about his job and showed us all of his uniform. He even let us have a play with the uniform!

There's a worm at the bottom of the tray!


In our 'squelch' theme, we got our hands muddy by searching for pretend worms. We then looked at how to wash our hands properly.

Time to relax!


Each week, we take part in a massage session which helps us to cope with tactile input and to help us to be gentle to our friends. We have come on so far from when we first started!

Picture 1

Let's all play together! 


This term, we have been enjoying a slot in the nursery's nest. We have been developing our playing skills including playing together and engaging in imaginative role play. We love our time in the nest! 

Wash that dirty hair! 


In our new theme "squelch", we looked at different ways we use water. We started by washing our teacher's dirty hair! We were very gentle. 

Just call us 'Van Gogh'


We have been developing our painting skills this term by learning to keep within the lines and to wash our brushes when we change colour. We have worked extremely well as a group, waiting for our turn for the paint.

Chinese new year!


We have celebrated Chinese new year in dolphins by tasting some different Chinese foods, listening to Chinese music and playing with cooked noodles.

You've got a friend in me!


We have been extra good friends in dolphins this term by making our friend a drink and sandwich of their choice.

Ice Skating!


We went to Beckworth Emporium for our first ice skating session! We all tried the single blade boots first, but some of us preferred the grippers on our shoes so we could whizz around with our penguins! We really enjoyed the lights and the music that they played!

Snow Globe!


As part of our theme "snow business like show business", we visited the snow globe at Bosworth Garden Centre. We had so much fun playing in the snow with our friends.

Read all about it!


We went on a visit to Kettering library to listen to a story and enjoy some songs with musical instruments! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs during the session.

You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!


Our story this week was the gingerbread man. In our theme lesson, we decorated gingerbread man biscuits, made gingerbread man pictures and played with ginger playdough.

Pudsey came to visit! 


On Friday 18th November, we had a visit from a special yellow bear called Pudsey! We gave him lots of cuddles and high fives and some of our friends from other classes were on the tv! 

We're off to the shops! 


As part of our maths work this week on money, we went for a walk down to the local shop to buy an item of our choice. We were really sensible crossing the roads and made sure we checked for cars coming! We then chose some sweets or chocolate from the shop, gave the money to the cashier and waited for our change! Our staff were very proud of us! 

The tiger who came to tea!


Our new theme is all about reading stories. We set up a comfy reading area and looked at the story "The tiger who came to tea." We then enjoyed making a cup of tea for ourselves to drink!



To celebrate bonfire night, we had real sparklers to hold and wave around outside. Some of us were not so keen, but we all had a good try! We then decorated firework biscuits and make firework pictures.

Cinema Trip!

We all went to the cinema to see the princess and the frog! We sat very well and especially loved the free popcorn! We then went to McDonald's for our lunch.

Happy Halloween!


We explored some pumpkins for Halloween this week where we emptied them, tasted the seeds, cut out faces and shared very nicely together!

Whatever the weather!


Some of the dolphins enjoyed being outside in the sunshine and experiencing different types of weather. We got sprayed with water, covered in pretend snow and played with umbrellas.



During our first theme, we dressed up as people from the circus including clowns and strong men. We were amazing at the circus skills and acted out own circus on stilts, through fire rings and using juggling balls.