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 We had lots of fun on our last day of term! We took pictures of us in our Reindeer hats and our Christmas jumpers/outfits, then we had a disco in the hall with the other Middles classes. Next we had to put on our coats and go outside - there was a snow storm waiting for us AND.... two of Santa's reindeers!! We were allowed to feed and stroke them and we were all very brave and had a go - someone even tried to take one for a walk!


Once we were back in our classroom, we handed out our cards and gifts to each other and had lots of hugs. We then decorated some cupcakes so they looked like Reindeers - we especially enjoyed licking the cutlery afterwards! After our Christmas lunch we went back to the classroom and Santa arrived! We were all super excited to meet him smiley. We  finished the afternoon by playing some party games and having a dance competition.


Thank you to all my amazing pupils and parents for a great first term! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas break. Looking forward to next term already! Jess, Jodie and Nicola frown