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Born Survivor

The new term started off with a bang with the school production of The Jolly Kingsley Postman. All of the classes worked really hard to put on a wonderful show and Orcas class was no exception. The children sang and danced their hearts out and the performance was a wonderful thing to see.

We have been writing our very own adventure stories this term. We have learnt all about real-life action man Bear Grylls and his exciting adventures. We used Bear to inspire our own adventure story writing. The children have enjoyed thinking of different tricky positions for Bear to get out of and have produced some beautiful writing. We would love you to have a read of a couple of our stories below.

Bear Grylls and the Alligator Attack.

Once again, Bear was in unknown and potentially dangerous surroundings. In the sticky swamp, Bear was trying to get across. The swamp water smelt like rotten egg, making Bear feel sick. From the water, Bear heard a loud snap. He saw a green alligator moving towards him.

Bear jumped on the alligator’s scaly body. He grabbed the body of the beast and tied a tree vine around him.

“That was a close one,” said Bear.

By Callum


Bear Grylls Hunting Food

The desert is roasting and Bear was looking for food because he was starving.

Bear could hear a snake biting a bird and he felt the wind was strong. He can smell the dead bones of a bear stinking horribly.

Suddenly, he smelt a delicious chicken. He was trying to find the chicken. Suddenly, he felt a tickle on his head. Bear put his hands on his head and as soon as possible he pulled a prickly wriggly creature off his head, it was a scorpion! The scorpion tried to sting Bear’s wrist but he dodged it quickly. Bear then shook his backpack of so he could get the rope. Bear slapped the scorpion in to a cactus tree and strongly tied it to the prickly cactus. “Take that scorpion!” shouted Bear.

By Samuel


Bear Grylls and the Desert

Bear was in unknown and potentially dangerous surroundings, he was feeling hot and sweaty and trying to find a drink to cool him down. The only way to get to water was to go through quicksand! As soon as bear jumped in he realized what he had done then getting out is the hard bit! Bear sank to his neck making it hard to breathe! Before he gone under he was thinking of how to get out. He was near a cactus so the only way to live was to pull on the cactus to get out!

Sometime after pulling…

“Yes I’m out! But now my hand hurts” said Bear, with a painful hand.

By Josh