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Autumn 2


We started this term with a Halloween Party including a disco, buffet, craft room and games room.  Robins classroom was the food room so we decorated cakes for all our friends.We had lots of fun!

The Mayans

We have been learning all about the Mayans, and how they invented chocolate! We tried cacao beans and found out how they go from raw beans to the delicious chocolate we know and love!  We have designed our own chocolate bar wrappers, made hot chocolate and decorated Mayan masks. 


In Maths we have been using beebots. We have learnt to program them so that they move from one point on a map to another.  We found out about position and direction.  We then got to set up our own obstacle courses for them to follow.  

Sensory Story

This term we have enjoyed lots of different sensory stories, we started off with one about fireworks.  We had sparkly lights in a darkened room, the smell of the bonfire, cozy blankets and hot chocolate to taste.  We also enjoyed "Lets go home Little Bear" and Santa's Workshop.

The Rainforest

We have learnt all about the rainforest and their eco-structure.  We have talked about animals and their habitats, made trees and masks, and tried lots of different rainforest fruits.


As our end of year/big picture treat the whole of uppers department went ice-skating at Beckworth Emporium.  We had lots of fun as the entire class could take part.


We had lots of fun celebrating Christmas at Kingsley School.  We put on concert for all our families, Owen was dressed as Father Christmas in his sleigh!  There was a surprise visit from Santa and his reindeer, complete with snow.  We also had party where the whole school sat together for Christmas dinner and Tom was our waiter!